Doctor Mortgage Program

Doctor Mortgage Loans

Up to 100% Financing Available for Eligible Doctors

We have a new source for Doctor Mortgage Loans that have some of the best terms and most flexibility we have seen. Whether you’re a well established doctor or are in your residency, there is a program to fit your financing needs.

Licensed Residents/Fellowships • Licensed Medical Doctors
• Maxillofacial Surgeons • Doctors of Osteopathy

Program Highlights:

•   Available in 5, 7 and 10 year ARMs

•   Loan Amounts:

• Up to $1,500,000 for medical doctors who have completed their residency

• 100% Financing up to $750,000

• $417,000 for medical doctors currently in their residency/fellowship

•   Primary Residences only

•   Purchase and Rate/Term Refinance

•   No Mortgage Insurance required

•   Program applies to Single Family Residences

Contact Robert Whitfield for more information – 678-585-9691

East Cobb Luxury Homes For Sale

Free Custom Neighborhood Videos

Let’s suppose you’re relocating from out of town and thinking of moving to Marietta, GA. You’re looking for an East Cobb luxury home for sale, and having searched here on you found a couple of homes you might like.

Do you really want to pack up the kids, and drive to ATL just to find that your Marietta dream home is a chip shot from a highway, or next door to an owner that stopped maintaining his property a decade ago? I wouldn’t – not when there’s a better way!

neighborhood_sidewalk 2

The Internet is wonderful, but when it comes to assessing real estate it still lacks one thing…. adequate context. You can never tell if that East Cobb home for sale is priced well because the sellers really need to move or because it’s in a seriously compromised location. Perhaps you want a flat yard and this one has a ski slope for a rear yard. Maybe you want to be close but not “that” close to your neighbors. You just can’t get a good perspective from online pictures. To make matters worse, some photographers go out of their way to “soften” a steep yard – or frame the property so the high voltage power lines don’t show up.

That’s where video comes in – they give you a very complete perspective. Pictures don’t lie – but they don’t always tell the whole truth either. I can help you with that.

Call or email me at with the properties you’re interested in, and I’ll arrange to shoot a video of the property and neighborhood for you so the home will be in context to neighbors, roads, schools, shopping, and all that matters.

Robert Whitfield